Avanti’s Mission – Advancing and Move Forward, with Professional Organizing at its Best

Lois A. Fisher is owner and principle of Avanti Organizing, a professional organizing company that serves individuals and businesses in San Diego, CA, and Colorado Springs, CO. Fueled by her innate passion for all things organized, Lois has been changing lives with the art of organization since 1989. She is dedicated to enhancing a client’s surroundings while instilling proven organization methods that ensure future growth.

Known for her high energy, creative thinking and ready problem solving that gets any job done effectively and expediently, Lois has earned a reputation for being much more than an organizer.

She is additionally a consultant for local, national and international travel who digs deep to identify the core issues of disorganization, and gets at the heart of how they can be resolved.

Lois is an understanding, considerate and interactive professional who immediately recognizes a client’s needs then expresses her observations in a constructive, non-judgmental style. She adapts well to every professional or personal situation, providing the most discreet and valuable service to a wide range of clients including: doctors, nurses, auto dealerships, advertising firms, real estate brokers, Pampered Chef directors, interpreting firms, lumber corporations, various home- and office-based businesses, as well as families, teenagers, elderly, even the chronically disorganized.

Focused on helping people achieve their unique organizational goals, Lois empowers clients with absolute control so they gain peace that come from knowing everything has its place. Working at your home or place of business, she eliminates that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin, and replaces it with the confident desire to move forward and make a welcome change.

To further her knowledge and understanding, Lois has taken hundreds of hours of advanced workshop courses that enable her to better serve her clients.  Lois is fully insured.